Eileen Tibble

everyone deserves fresh produce

Eileen Tibble

Marketing & Development Manager


Eileen relishes bringing people together in support of a worthy cause. She has spent the past few years working to benefit her community through the non-profit, Winfield Education Foundation, where she discovered that many of their community partner organizations are connected to The GardenWorks Project. After learning about GWP’s beautiful mission, it seemed like the perfect place to continue her efforts. Eileen is thrilled to help advance GWP’s innovative efforts to improve food access and equity and empower people with the resources to overcome hunger for themselves and their community. She also spends a good deal of time, alongside her husband, guiding three small humans to one day grow into kind and responsible adult citizens. Eileen would love to connect with like-minded folks interested in joining our efforts to address local food insecurity through volunteerism, donations, or corporate sponsorships. To connect with Eileen, please email at eileen@gardenworksproject.org

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