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Join a community of growers and participate in the local food system this season, and grow for your household and for your neighbors in need. 

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Organic Gardening Guides

University of Illinois Organics Guides

The University of Illinois Extension website has lots of information about best vegetable growing practices tailored specifically for Illinois. Below is a list of particularly helpful pages for Illinois gardeners.


The GardenWorks Project is proud to be supported by Gardener’s Supply. Their website is a fantastic resource for those interested in food growing in raised bed gardens.  Following a square foot gardening model, the Kitchen Garden Planner is a great way to try out square foot gardening for a prolific harvest.  Below is a list of helpful pages on their site!

Press Coverage

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Food Insecurity Research

While DuPage County is one of the wealthiest suburbs in the nation, with a median income of over $77,000, there are still residents who cannot afford even the most basic human need – food. According to the West Suburban Community Pantry, “Over 95,000 people in DuPage County go to bed hungry every night. Of those, over 45,000 are children.” Over 45,000 are children.

We believe that everyone deserves healthy, organic food, not just those who have the means to afford it.

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